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Samuel Lee Bowman

Samuel Lee Bowman

Sam holds an undergraduate degree in psychology from Huntington University and a Master’s degree in Christian Ministry from Christian Leadership University. He has been in business for forty plus years and is creator of Granpa Cratchet, one of the most successful touring shows in the history of the special events industry. Sam, an author, blogger, coach and public speaker has been named Entrepreneur of The Year. He and his wife live on their min farm and have five children with many grandchildren and great-grandchildren.


1969: Graduated from Sharpsville High School, Sharpsville, Indiana.
  • Member of Beta Club
  • Earned a coveted letter jacket by lettering in twelve sports during the four years.
1973: Graduated from Huntington University
  • B.A. degree in psychology.
  • Minor degree in drama.
1976: Completed courses toward Degree in Radio and Television Broadcasting from Illinois Central College
  • Topics covered writing, producing, and directing.
  • Was required to produce and direct a “live” thirty minute TV show.
1978: Youth For Christ Leader Training, Peoria, Illinois
  • This training prepared me for a full time associate position as a counselor and leader in the Youth For Christ organization.
  • Training covered topics in group leadership, counseling, basic Bible teachings and YFC organizational methods and structure. I was responsible for raising the total amount of my support.
2003: Masters degree courses in business from Regent University
  • Courses covered an overview of general business practices, public relations, sales and marketing and basics in negotiating.
2005: Completed the Jerry Jenkins Christian Writer’s Guild Creative Writing Course
  • This course covered basics in creative writing: from creating ideas, outlining, grammar and punctuation, to working with publishers, and professional services such as ghost writing, editing and promoting, creating titles, copyright issues.
  • I attended the Jerry Jenkins Writer’s Guild conference Writing For The Soul, at the Broadmoor Hotel In Colorado Springs.
  • The conference included one-on-one networking with publishers where I presented my writings, one of which, a children’s home school publication, published one of my articles.
2015: Completed Almond Tree Counseling Course
  • This was a six week course covering the basic secular counseling theories and what constitutes biblical counseling.
  • Competent to Counsel and The Christian Counselor’s Manual by Dr. Jay Adams. Topics were required reading and covered topics such as: conflict resolution, substance abuse, families of addiction, body mutilation, suicidal tendencies, parental discipline, OCD, Bipolar, ADHD, and forgiveness.
  • Observing counseling sessions and wrote reports on our observations.
2016: Writing Seminar
  • Presented at Life Center Church in Harrisburg, PA, by Wendy Walter’s; writer, publisher, consultant and owner of Palm Tree Productions.
2018: Bolz Translating God E-Course
  • Completed the Shawn Bolz E-Course, Translating God
  • Included a series of twelve hour videos teaching on understanding God’s voice with readings and a quiz on each one.
  • Traveled to Orlando, Florida and participated in a live God Secrets day seminar with Shawn Bolz live at New Destiny Christian Center, Apopka, Florida.


1969: Quaker Young Men’s Speaking Contest
  • I was awarded local & regional winner, and national finalist in the Quaker Young Men’s Speaking Contest.
  • This resulted in subsequent role as speaker on a ministry team to Quaker churches in the region.
1970 -1973: Huntington University
  • Extracurricular activities included traveling extensively with the Campus Street Sings, and the Faith Foundation, presenting music and drama in churches, civic clubs, high school assemblies and even malls.
  • During this time I was member of the campus drama club and played roles in numerous productions.
  • During this time I provided play by play commentary of sporting events over the campus TV station where I also wrote and produced campus news.
1972: Commitment Evangelistic Association
  • I was director of a summer teen center that was that was created for junior high kids in Vincennes, Indiana as a result of junior high kids coming to Christ in the local school, under the direction of Rev. John DeSanto.
  • My responsibilities included conducting Bible studies, planning daily evening activities, creating spiritual content for meetings at the teen center, leading witnessing teams in local city parks and counseling kids.
  • During this time my responsibilities also included assisting in all phases of media production such as writing, editing, acting for weekly radio and television for Commitment Evangelistic Association, also headed by Rev. John DeSanto.
  • I served as a planner, organizer and camp counselor for a city wide kids crusade with Nicki Cruz from The Cross And The Switchblade.
1973: The Peddlers Cross Country Bicycle Tour
  • As part of a ministry team of fourteen riders I bicycled four thousand miles in thirty two days from Los Angeles, California to Ocean City, Maryland.
  • Activities includes singing before groups and witnessing to teenagers along the way.
1974 – 1975: Pastor of Prairieville United Church of Christ
  • As Pastor my duties included preparing sermons, teaching kids Sunday school, conducting Sunday services and counseling parishioners.
1976: TV Talk Show Producer
  • As Producer of Insight, a Christian talk show for the Grace Television Network, Peoria, Illinois under Dr. Bruce W. Dunn.
  • Was responsible for all phases of production: designing sets, scheduling guests, organizing the production crew, and conducting on camera interviews resulting in a series of twenty one hour shows.
1977: Youth For Christ
  • Included training as a counselor and leader in preparation for leadership in the YFC organization.
  • Training included basic Biblical instruction in leading kids to Christ, teaching on Bible basics, leading YFC meetings as well as indoctrination in YFC structure and systems.
  • During this time I raised my own financial support.
1979 – 1980: Peoria Christian Center
  • During this time I created a children’s Sunday school program for children’s church for First United Brethren Church, Dr. Roger Birdsall, using film strips, puppets and singing with guitar.
  • I then used the program I created there traveling to churches around central Illinois doing evangelistic outreach with puppet shows around under the auspices of the Peoria. Christian Center, a not-for-profit extra church ministry to Peoria and the surrounding area.
1981 – 1983: LeSea Broadcasting
  • During this time I served as Program Director for Today With Lester Sumrall, LeSea Broadcasting.
  • I also worked in all phases of program production including: camera operator, director and producer of local programing production.
1982: Abundant Life Church, Indianapolis, Indiana
  • As Children’s Pastor for T.L. Vibbert’s Abundant Life Church.
  • I wrote my own children’s church curriculum, planned and presented weekly children’s church programs utilizing music, stories, contests, Bible stories and teaching.
1983 – 1987: The Captain Hook Children’s Show
  • I worked in every phase of production: writing scripts, designing and building sets, acting, and designing costumes for one hundred and ten thirty minute shows airing on twenty three open air stations, on one hundred twenty cable outlets in the U.S. and over three satellite networks around the world.
1985 – 1986: Worship Leader
  • Served for Christian Life Fellowship, Greentown, Indiana for Dr. Logan Sparling
2005 – 2010: Prison Pastor
  • As a certified prison counselor for the state of Indiana I met with, taught and counseled with inmates in county jails.
2008: River Rider Conference
  • I presented a weekend conference on the Holy Spirit, based on my book River Rider, for Heartland Ministries, Indiana, under the auspices of Dr. William Salsbery.
  • The conference included seven hours of teaching based on hundreds of hours of writing and preparation.
2008 to Present: 550 Club
  • As founder and leader of the 550 Club my responsibilities included: planning weekly meetings, presenting Biblical based instruction, coaching for a group of highly motivated, visionary businessmen including pastors, business owners, professionals and a Regional Vice President of Primerica.
2009: Life Center Investing Seminar
  • As the sole presenter of Investing In The Stock Market for Christians, for Life Center Ministries, Harrisburg, PA, for Rev. Richard Pickens I presented the basics of investing: investigating a company, choosing a good stock, when to buy, when to hold and when to sell, various trading platforms and the biblical foundation for wise investing.
2011: Harmony Church Teaching Series
  • Presented a Wednesday Night weekly teaching Series on Deeper Life In The Holy Spirit for Harmony Christian Church, Leisure, Indiana for Pastor Ron Meyer.
2013 – 2014: Christ Centered House Church Network
  • As pastor of the Christ Centered House Church Network, under the oversight of Dr. Timothy Johns, my wife and I organized weekly ministry meetings, met with and counseled parishioners and counseled troubled teens.
  • During this time we dealt with drug abuse, addiction, prostitution and other problems in teenagers from the area.
2018: Florida Fair Association Workshop on Entertainment
  • Presented workshops for the Florida Association of Fairs convention; How To Find, Choose, Contract and Use A Specialty Entertainment Ground Act for Maximum Impact.
  • Included a fifteen page booklet with information and fill out pages, and a powerpoint presentation.
  • As part of this I wrote an on line E-Course.
2015 – 2017: Spirit Led Living Radio Show
  • I served as co-host and associate producer of Spirit Led Living With Ron Meyer, a half hour weekly radio show with live testimonies and teaching on how to live life led by the Spirit.
  • As support I was responsible for editing, cohosting, and writing.
1976 to Present: The Granpa Cratchet Corporation
  • Included forty years experience as a business owner counseling employees, associates and fellow entertainers in business, success and general life principles.
  • Produced seven separate touring units to fairs and festivals around the world presenting live action stage and strolling shows. As owner I wrote all of the scripts, designed and built puppets, and staging. I was in charge of designing and building all the equipment.
  • Oversaw the design of all sales and promotional material, built strategic relationships with sales companies, and web related advertising and promotional systems.
  • During this time I wrote an employee manual, hired and trained all performers.
  • Produced product called Granpa’s SixPack, as series of six children’s videos teaching biblical principles, such as The Golden Rule, Safety First, Work Together, Take the Garbage Out, Do Your Chores, and Follow Your Instructions. Each title contained: wall posters, table top games, video games and music albums, coloring pages and more teaching materials.
  • Wrote materials and presented business workshops in the fair industry on effective utilization of, and promotion of live-on-grounds-free-entertainment acts.
2016 to Present: Authoring & Publishing
  • Author and publisher, Because Granpa Says So, That’s Why, chronicling life on the road as an entertainer, with the antics of Granpa Cratchet, including business lessons and godly advise.
  • Co-author and publisher of The Summer of Paintless Toenails, Losing a son gaining a grandson – helping grandparents raise a generation of whole, healthy and happy grandchildren.
2022: Masters degree in Christian Ministry from Christian Leadership University
  • Included courses such as; Hearing God’s Voice, House Church, Prayers That Heal The Heart, and Visionary Leadership
Awards and Accolades
  • Winner of the local and regional Quaker Young Men’s Speaking Contest
  • Gold Buckle Award for best entertainment from the Oklahoma State Fair
  • Named Entrepreneur of the Year by the Tipton Economic Development Corporation
  • Given the Lifetime Service Award by the Howard County Fair for thirty years of service to their special event and children
  • Awarded Best Commercial of the Year by the Illinois Ad Council for Shield’s Auto Center spokesman campaign
  • Awarded a National Merritt Award by the American Automobile Association for work promoting auto dealerships
  • Awarded Best Of The Parade by Aurora Farmer’s Festival, Tipton Pork Festival, Napanee Apple Festival and others
  • Sam’s character Granpa Cratchet, designated an honorary spokes-character for the New York State Department of Agriculture

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