Reviving Christmas

Releasing the 12 Miracles of the First Christmas into your life
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Reviving Christmas

What Happened to the Miracles?

The birth of Jesus Christ was singularly the most powerful event in history, and it was filled with signs, wonders, and powerful miracles. But what happened to them? Why aren’t they happening here and now? Why aren’t miracles happening for you?

Well, our society has shut out the Holy Spirit. Jesus is out, St. Nick is in. The Cross is out, and buying stuff on credit is in. The Bethlehem Star is out, and electric twinkle lights are in.

But the miraculous power of the Holy Spirit is still available to us today. Do you know what twelve miracles happened during the first Christmas? What if they showed up and happened in your life this year?

As He did at the first Christmas, the Holy Spirit is once again hovering over the world. He is drawing near to you and beckoning you to draw near to Him. Will you open yourself to His miracle working power, or like the innkeeper, will you close the door of your heart?

Emmanuel is with us.


He has come bearing gifts for you.

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